South Korea

한국의 직업

Recreation Aid (Youth Programs) NF-01 – US Army Installation Management Command – 대한민국.

These positions are:

  • This CYS Workforce WPP Position is temporary not to exceed 12 weeks from the effective date of employment, and 10 guaranteed hours per week.
  • Job Fair to be held at Teen Annex Bldg # 257, Camp Walker Youth Center, on 19 Oct at 1500-1700.
  • Job application and resumes will only be accepted at the Job Fair.
  • Job interviews and offers on 19 October at 1500-1700PM, Same Day.
  • Please come prepared with a copy of your resume, passport first photo page and page with SOFA/VISA stamp (or entry slip), PCS orders and Social Security Card.
  • School Employment Consent Form and Parental Employment Consent Form will be accepted and will be needed to support qualification.
  • is funded by the Installation Management Command, G9, Youth Workforce Preparation Program (WPP).

The WPP focuses on career development through a developmental program designed to provide on the job work experience and a training plan that include a website for the participants to maximize the career exploration experience. The website offers an interest survey where participants may learn about different careers that match their current interests and talents. Participants will also have an opportunity to identify additional training or college requirements for the different careers they may have an interest in exploring. Overall, the WPP will provide participants with support and guidance in improving their employee ability skills.

Overall, the WPP will provide participants with support and guidance in improving their employability skills.
Payment of Permanent Change of Station (PCS) costs are NOT authorized based on a determination that a PCS move is not in the Government’s interest.

Allowances, differentials, or incentives will not be paid.

This is a Flexible position, not eligible for the NAF benefits package.



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