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Microservices (regular)
Event sourcing (regular)
Google Cloud (regular)
Kubernetes (regular)
React (regular)
TypeScript (regular)
Golang (regular)

You are someone who prides themselves on making intelligent decisions. The question is, in this job market, what is the smart decision?

The smart move would probably be to join a company that does not rely on venture capital (VC) money. Finding a profitable business with a broad customer base would likely be wise. A customer base who really appreciates what this company does for them and will continue to use their service even as they look to reduce their spending in other areas. In fact, even better would be if this business helped its customers save money in the face of the threat of recession and the rapidly rising cost of living. This advert is about a role with that business.

With 700 000 customers already and growing, this UK-based business helps people consolidate their monthly household bills and also uses its collective bargaining power to negotiate amazing discounts. Delivering high-quality service to that number of customers requires a brilliant technology department. Payments, Customer Data, Customer support tools, Supplier integrations, and Spending Insights are just a few areas requiring constant innovation.

Key Technologies

  • Go, TypeScript, React
  • Deploy to Kubernetes over both AWS and GCP
  • Event sourcing
  • Microservices

How do they work?

Although they have over 200 people working in technology, this business still manages to move quickly. Mark, their CTO, put it that they “strive to deliver big company scale whilst moving at small company speed”. They have been offering fully remote working long before the rest of the market, and they have mature processes that ensure relationships trump location.

Want to know more?

Send us your CV, or if you have not written it yet, send us a PDF of your LinkedIn profile not on LinkedIn send us your old CV and just add a line at the top to let us know it is not updated. Or just add two lines to a blank word document about what you are currently working on and send us that. We don’t care how you get in touch we would just like the chance to learn a bit more about you and tell you a bit more about this role.

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Indrykket: 5 aug 2022

Indrykket: 5 aug 2022

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