Manufacturing & Supply Chain

ob Duties

1. Perform assembly for normal work station defined by process and product

2. Participates in pre-shift PID (Process Improvement Dialogue), raise the issues and suggestions per the passed production, and follow all requirements from supervisor

3. Wears the required PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) of his position properly. Strictly follow all safety policy to avoid any injury

4. Actively participate in finding issues and risks during production, and submit them by CI (Continue Improvement) cards actively

5. Finish all required training on time, and finish all other work-related trainings that are helpful to his/her job

6. Learns all work-related knowledge of CPS & 6 sigma actively and apply them to his/her job

7. Performs Standard Work Sheet and all other quality management policy and guideline to avoid quality issue

8. Actively works with related people to analyze the root cause of quality issue, and take the action per requirement to avoid similar issue happens again

9. Perform production per schedule completely, and continuously improve efficiency

10. Timely report to operation supervisor or team lead when the production shut down because of material, equipment and quality issues, in order to recover to production ASAP or change the schedule

11. Perform 5S and TPM (Total Productivity Maintenance) per requirement

12. Actively focus on cost saving, and continuously eliminate all sorts of waste among his/her job

13. Seriously perform all policies and guidelines, and finish any other job which is arranged by the supervisor or team lead

Job Requirement

1. Be integrity, good communication skill, strong consciousness at commitment and team work

2. Technical Secondary School or equal education background, major in mechanic. Can read mechanic print, and know normal technical requirement such as tolerance and fit and so on

3. Good consciousness of safety and quality, seriously follow all policies and guidelines

4. Good consciousness of 5S & TPM

5. Can do simple computer operation

6. Got Caterpillar Assembly certification, finish all required trainings which were defined by CWL and got at least one certification of normal assembly work station

Caterpillar is an Equal Opportunity Employer (EEO).

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